Mike was an absolutely wonderful guest. No, I really mean it. He's a
champion competitive bridge player who has competed around the world.
That makes him a fascinating conversationalist, and you'd think it would
make him full of pride as well. But, ma-a-a-n, not so. He spent a week
with us, and thoroughly entertained us with stimulating stories of his
various bridge partners, and the whole atmosphere of competititons that
we never really knew existed. Phew, just a terrific guest. And did I
mention that he volunteered to whip up a delectable omelet for us one
morning as well? Excellent. Just excellent, as is he. But don't host him
for only a day. It simply will not be enough. See if you can entice him
to stay for a week or more. You'll be very glad you did; as we certainly
are. We hope and pray he'll return again when next there's a worthwhile
bridge tournament in our neck o' the woods. Miss him awready!